Ceremony of the Distilled Orange Mist [flute, saxophone] 2014 listen

Horizon Vine Plasticity [saxophone quartet] 2013 listen

Unity of Question [string quartet] 2015 listen

We Are Geese Absorbed Into the Thirsty Sky [clarinet, violin, cello, piano] 2014 listen

Limestone Emerges, Mirror of Compression Stripes [piano quintet] 2012
 I. Ink Drop Unlayers the Glass Labyrinth listen
 II. Graphite Silhouette is the Haze Onion listen
 III. The Redirection Core Unflaked listen

Lavender Echoes Over-Under the Invisible Opaque [violin, piano] 2011
 I. Purple Wave Petal Smithereen listen
 II. Dr. Eggplant's Quasi-Elastic Aquafloratorium listen